Jinx tights


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19,99 EUR

Our formula

Anti-chill : Fleece lining is ideal for retaining body heat and protecting against the cold

Transparent effect : From the outside, they look like regular semi-opaque veiled tights. Inside, they are fleece and very soft!

A silhouette Slim: Features a comfortable shaping waistband that brings you a slimming effect

Very resistant :Thanks to its stretch fabric, it adapts perfectly to your morphology, outlines your curves and is almost tear-proof!

Soft and comfortable: The inside of the fleece tights is very soft and guarantees you unparalleled comfort.

Fleece tights are your ally for winter!

Thanks to its 80g, 200g or 300g fleece filling, you won't have any trouble putting on a dress or skirt in winter, since it protects you from temperatures dropping to -15°. Warmer than ordinary pants, not only will you be able to take your legs out without worrying about the cold, but you can wear them like regular tights thanks to the veiled effect. Elastic, it covers and shapes your figure, no worries about tights that come down and roll up as the day goes on!

Available in one size!

Tights adapt to your body shape and are perfect for women up to size 42.